Patrons asked for more… We brought more!

 More scare, more attractions, more screams!  Double the scare, double the fright!

Haunted Manor and staff have worked hard to bring you the best scare of your life.

Thank you everyone for your attendance and we will see you on the other side

Beyond the Graves and through the Field of Screams!   

FAQ:  Will the new CRAWLSPACE require me to crawl through?  

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  We need all attendees on their feet at all times ! There is ***NO*** crawling through!   Although you should be warned… CRAWLSPACE has its own creatures lurking within the walls both high and low..


  Patrons WALK through and Patrons bring their COURAGE. 

For those not able to face their fears, there is a CHICKEN OUT DOOR !


The Manor is oriented for adults.   It is NOT a kid-style haunted house.  Scenes and content are designed to scare and frighten patrons.  Haunted Manor does not enforce an age limit, however, scenes within the attractions may not be appropriate for your child.   Children under the age of twelve (12) will not be admitted without a parent or guardian in attendance with them.  All children are different and as their guardian you take responsibility for the decision on their attendance.

No refunds are made after purchase, however, there are exit doors along the route for emergency or those faint at heart.



ATTENDEES ASSUMPTION OF RISK Haunted Manor is an INTERACTIVE haunted attraction that is intended to scare, startle and surprise you.  Therefore, in consideration of Haunted Manor allowing you to enter the attraction, you voluntarily and expressly agree to release, discharge and hold them, their owners, employees, contractors and other patrons harmless from any and all legal liability, property damage or medical liability, and PERSONALLY ASSUME ALL RISKS from any of their actions including, but not limited to, negligent acts or strict liability acts. 

SOME OF THESE RISKS ARE APPARENT:  Pregnant women, persons with heart or other debilitating conditions, and persons with emotional or physical trauma should not enter the Haunted Manor.

OTHER RISKS WHICH MAY NOT BE APPARENT You may be incidentally touched by a performer or by a Haunted Manor effect.   Haunted Manor contains dark hallways, confined spaces, moving parts, scary and often disturbing scenes,  and frightening props and performers. Physical  injury from them or from sudden reactions to them may occur.   Strobe lights, fog machines, and other disorienting apparatuses are used in the Haunted Manor.

The Management of Haunted Manor reserves the right to deny entry of any patrons whom may have a physical condition or injury that may jeopardize their safety.

Violation of these rules and regulations will result in your immediate removal from the premises.  For your protection, other patrons, and the Manor’s employees, Security Staff will be on premises .


 Tickets are not refundable once sold and shall not be resold at a higher price than face value.

The dates and times may vary due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.

NO disruptive or offensive behavior permitted before, during or after the show and will result in immediate eviction from the premises and/or legal action. 

DO NOT touch, harass, or endanger Haunted Manor performers.

DO NOT take, deface or destroy Haunted Manor’s property.

Each attendee must remain with his/her associated tour group at all times.

DO NOT run in the haunted manor or on its premises which includes NOT pushing or shoving other patrons.   Your safety is a priority coming and leaving the property.

Alcohol, tobacco, and weapons are strictly prohibited anywhere on the property.    NO open flames or smoking, NO use or possession of any alcoholic beverages, and NO weapons or firearms on the property including the parking area.  NO TOLERANCE enforced.

Do NOT bring bottles, cans, food or beverages into the haunted house.   A concession area / building is provided for your convenience and all food and beverages are not allowed beyond the Manor gate.

Attendees may be photographed and or recorded for media or promotional purposes.   DO NOT GO  through the house if you object to any use of this media.  Haunted Manor uses only promotional pics and videos and is not intended to insult or harm its attendees.

NO PHOTOGRAPHY (including cell phones) or video recording devices by attendees is allowed.  DO NOT bring illuminating objects into the Haunted Manor.  This includes, flashlights, glow sticks, etc.

DO NOT use cell phones, pagers, cameras, tape recorders, video or other electronic devices in the Haunted Manor.


The Haunted Manor of Davisboro is for entertainment purposes only.  

Each show may include loud noises, strobe lights, dark rooms, narrow passageways, moving props and projectiles. Scenes and skits of disturbing nature.  This is a entertainment attraction intended to scare, startle, unnerve, and test patrons’ courage.   Use personal judgement as to whether or not you can physically and emotionally handle the events within the walls of the Manor.  The Haunted Manor is not responsible for physical or emotional injuries, distress, or damages to personal property.

Enter at your own risk.

Take special caution if you are pregnant, sick, claustrophobic, or suffer from motion sickness, heart problems or seizures.   We highly recommend that patrons with these conditions DO NOT go through the attraction.

Ticket booths open from 7:30pm till 11pm.

Haunt begins at dark till the last person makes it out!

Open nights are highlighted in yellow.

Watch for updates!

$15.00 Per Ticket

Tickets will be available at the entrance to the Haunted Manor


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